Enjoy Life SunSeed Crunch Chewy Bars

Enjoy Life SunSeed Crunch Chewy Bars are a slightly sweet, slightly salty chewy bar that has the nutty goodness of sunflower seeds without actually contains peanuts or tree nuts. They are also free of the top 8 priority allergens including: soy, wheat, milk, eggs, crustaceans, fish, soy and peanuts.

It is also free of corn, potatoes, casein, sulfites and sesame which are also common triggers.  This makes them a good choice for a variety of dietary needs including those who are gluten free.

Each box contains 5 bars (1 bar is a serving). 1 bar contains 120 calories, 19 grams of carbohydrates (2 fiber, 4 sugar), 4 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein. They are sweetened with evaporated cane juice and other natural sweeteners.  It is considered a good source of fiber but because of the low protein content these are not considered a meal replacement, but are more of a snack or light dessert.

The Enjoy Life Company is known for their dedication to producing gluten free snacks, desserts, mixes and other products that help make shopping easier for those who have common allergies. These bars are made in a dedicated gluten free and nut free bakery to ensure no cross contamination.

Product Features


  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • 6-boxes, 5 bars/servings per box
  • FREE of: Soy, nuts, dairy, wheat, shellfish, sulfites, sesame, mustard and fish


The Reviews


The major benefit to these bars for many consumers is the lack of nuts and other allergens. While the flavor is generally liked, the overwhelming comment is that these are very helpful for kids and adults who have to avoid nuts.

Because of the low protein content these are definitely a snack bar, not a meal bar though they can serve as a quick pick-me-up and does of carbs in between meals or when you don’t have time to stop. Some reviewers did comment that these are fairly small but still worth it. Most reviews do refer to them as a “treat” or “snack” so not really intended to be a “diet” food but, instead, a more natural alternative to other snack bars.

One critical review stated: “The taste was OK and the texture was more on the hard side and not as chewy as I would have liked. Each bar is about a third the size of the regular bars, so I found myself eating 2-3 bars at a time.”

Some reviewers did find them too sweet, but the majority thought the sweetness level was just right for being a treat. If you do have allergies and are looking for something sweet and convenient then these are a pretty decent add in to your pantry. Be aware that the bars are not that big and are a bit pricier than most snacks that size.

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