Dale’s Steak Seasoning 16oz Bottle

Dale’s, Steak Seasoning, 16oz Bottle (Pack of 3)

Dale's Steak Seasoning 16oz Bottle (Pack of 3)

Dale’s, Steak Seasoning is an all purpose cooking seasoning intended for use with steak, poultry, veggies and fish. With this pack you get 3-16 oz bottles of the sauce. Each bottle contains 32-1tbs servings.

With a soy sauce base, this dark, liquid seasoning also includes onion, garlic, MSG, ginger and paprika. While “gluten free” is listed clearly on the label, the other ingredients may pose some allergy and healthy concerns.

The mix is highly concentrated and according to the manufacturer’s website, you do not need to marinate meat for very long to get a good flavor. It can also be added to food after cooking and does not need to be heated to a certain degree before being consumed.

Most often used as a seasoning for grilled meats like pork chops and hamburgers, the soy sauce and ginger suggest that this would also pair well with Asian-inspired dishes like stirfries and fried rice.

Special notes: Shake well and refrigerate after opening.

Product Features Dale’s Steak Seasoning:

  • Gluten Free
  • Contains soy, corn syrup and MSG
  • 3-16 oz bottles
  • 32-1tbs servings per bottle
  • 15 calories per serving, 1 gram sugar, 1220 mg sodium
  • Over 50 years of Southern cooking

The reviews

Dale’s Steak sauce is free of gluten but that is about all it is free of. Since it is soy sauce based it obviously has soy and is high in sodium (1,220 mg per tablespoon) It also contains monosodium glutamate (MSG), and corn syrup. That being said, it IS gluten-free and a reasonable alternative for those who often need to avoid soy sauce based seasoning due to the presence of wheat.

Fans of the sauce say that “While Dale’s has soy sauce, it is much more than that. Marinate a steak in soy sauce and one in Dale’s. Completely different results.”

One long time consumer of the sauce said: “This steak marinade is MEAN! It can help even an amateur become a grill master!”

Some were not only impressed with the flavor but the quickness that the marinade imparts flavor: “It is powerful, not a marinade to soak in overnight, but that works great for us since we work long days and dinner is usually a last minute choice.”

If you don’t have an allergy to MSG or are not concerned about it, then this is a tasty product that does exactly what it is intended to: add lots of flavor to meat, fish and veggies with minimal effort or marinating time. This is definitely not a health food and does not claim to be, but it is gluten free and made of flavorful components so it will likely please a variety of palates.


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