WILD JO 12 oz Dark French Roast Organic Coffee, Ground Coffee, Bold Strong Wicked Good Coffee

WILD JO: 12 oz, Dark French Roast Organic Ground Coffee, Bold Strong Wicked Good Coffee! New Name, Great Brewed or Espresso, USDA Certified Fair Trade Organic, 100% Arabica Coffee, NON-GMO.

Wild Jo is the new name for the Dark French Roast Organic Coffee made by Specialty Java, Inc. Some customers may remember it as being called ‘Wicked” and while it is still wicked good, it has gotten a new name to appease another company that disputed the use of the word “wicked”.

Wild Jo is no less wicked than it once was. It is an intensely dark roast good for coffee lovers who like their brew rich and strong. The hints of dark cocoa and brown sugar give you an idea of what a serious cup of coffee this is and it can be brewed as coffee or enjoyed as espresso.

Brew it as espresso for a strong shot or use it to create other coffee based desserts and speciality drinks including iced coffee.

Wild Jo Dark French  Roast Organic Coffee is made only from the top 2% of Arabica raw coffee that is available worldwide through direct sourcing. This ensures quality and consistency each bag. Wild Jo is also certified organic and fair trade so you can feel better about your morning coffee knowing that it grown and harvested in a way that is better for the environment and the people responsible for growing the crops. It’s even Kosher certified!

Wild Jo Dark French Roast is 100% pure Arabica coffee which is naturally gluten free and no other gluten ingredients are used during the processing. The coffee comes already ground and is quite coarse and good for percolators. Those who are used to using a finer ground may find they need to use a bit more of this to achieve desired strength  when not using a French press or percolator.


Product Features

  • Cupping Notes: Intense with a hint of dark cocoa and dark brown sugar.
  • Formerly known as Wicked Jo, the name has changed but the product has not!
  • Made from 100% pure Arabica raw coffee
  • Fairtrade certified
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Pre-ground, coarse. Can be used with a French press or percolator
  • Package can be resealed with included sticker


The Reviews – What People are Saying

Wild Jo has overwhelmingly positive reviews from coffee drinkers who say “The coffee, when brewed is dark, robust and full of flavor. You don’t need much cream and sugar with this coffee. This is heaven on the taste buds. I highly recommend wild Jo coffee.”

Overall, this is a rich and full blend though some reviewers say they actually expected stronger based on the Dark French Roast name. However, it is not bitter the way some darker coffees can be so it may really depend on your personal preferences. As one reviewer put it “Bold but not bitter. I drink a lot of coffee and I would highly recommend this.”

Flavor is a huge factor in why people love Wild Jo but the other benefits like Fairtrade certification, organic beans, and the convenience of a pre-ground coffee that can be used with a French press are also high on the list of reasons customers keep coming back to this unique brew.

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