Ground Costa Rican Gourmet Organic Dark Roast – 16 Ounce – Jungle Coffee

Costa Rican Premium Jungle Coffee is Costa Rica’s best organic coffee and is known for its unique aroma and flavor.

Ground Costa Rican Gourmet Organic Dark Roast Jungle CoffeeThis ground coffee comes from a single origin bean to promote a smooth, uniform taste through each batch. It also has low acidity which can make it especially good for people who want a strong coffee without the sharper flavors that come from inferior blends.


Brew a cup using Dark Roast Jungle Coffee and get more flavor than with coffee pods and Keurig cups. The coarse grind makes it safe and convenient to use with a french press. Dark Roast Jungle Coffee can also be used with a percolator and with a K cup reusable filter. The dark roast style of this coffee makes it perfect for specialty drinks like cappuccino, latte and cafe au lait where milk and other ingredients can overpower weaker blends. It is also good as a straight espresso shot!


Versatile enough to be used every day but unique and rich enough to be used on special occasions or included in gift baskets for the coffee lover in your life. Certified organic and fair trade, this coffee is not only superior for its flavor but for its values and environmental considerations.

Product Features

  • Coarse grind makes it good for use in French press.
  • Best used as espresso, as a cold brew or with other methods using a French press, percolator or k cup filter.
  • Made from whole beans, free of GMO’s and pesticides.
  • USDA Organic
  • Fair Trade coffee, harvested by farmers who are compensated fairly.
  • Vacuum packed and zip sealed pack keeps coffee fresh by keeping air out
  • Single origin Arabica coffee for low acidity and smoother feel than K-cup style coffee.
  • Gourmet coffee makes a perfect gift for coffee lovers.


The Reviews of this product named Dark Roast Jungle Coffee one of its Top 10 Best Organic Coffees and extols its benefits saying: “Jungle Coffee Costa Rican Whole Bean Arabica Coffee is great for both the environment, as well consumers that are health conscious. This product is certified fair trade and is one-hundred-percent organic by both the USDA and Farming Europe.”


Consumers also “…love the re-sealable pouch because it keeps the coffee nice and fresh.” And many find this to pack a good caffeine punch while not being bitter.


That being said, like with any food or beverage, opinions are subjective and for some this brew might be considered weak while a few found it bitter. Much of this might have to do with how the coffee is brewed. If you know you like it strong, then extra might be advisable. Also, letting the coffee sit too long or reheating it can contribute to the bitterness.


The reviews, overall, were positive and the environmental, health and fair trade concerns this brew addresses make it worth trying. The versatility of being able to use this as an espresso is also convenient for anyone who wants to create specialty drinks and have coffee on hand as well.

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