Is Vodka Gluten Free?

When people start up a gluten-free diet, they often worry about what they can eat. However, most people don’t think about what they will be able to drink.

Some beverages — particularly ones that are alcoholic in nature — contain gluten. If you are avoiding gluten, you will need to choose your drinks with care.

Is vodka gluten free? What kind of vodka can you drink? Read on to find the answers to those important questions.

Not All Vodka Is Gluten-Free

Many types of vodka can safely be consumed by people on a gluten-free diet. With that said, you shouldn’t always assume that vodka is safe.

Before you enjoy a drink made with vodka, you will need to learn more about the type of vodka that is being used in that drink. There are many different types of vodka on the market; you need to look for vodkas that are not wheat-based.

What Kind Of Vodka Can I Drink?

Potato vodka is completely safe for people on a gluten-free diet to drink. This type of vodka isn’t made from a gluten source. You can also drink grape vodka, as well as other vodka varieties that are made from fruits and vegetables.

While potato vodka is one of the most common types of vodka, grain-based vodkas are popular as well. Although not all of these vodkas contain gluten, it is best to avoid them. The facilities that these drinks are made in distill gluten grains, and the beverages may still contain trace amounts of gluten. When it comes to gluten, it is always better to play it safe.

What Are The Best Gluten-Free Vodkas?

Some of the best vodkas on the market are completely free of gluten. Grand Teton, an affordable and well-reviewed vodka, should be safe for you to drink. You can also enjoy Luksusowa, Chopin Potato, and Permafrost Alaska.

If you head to the liquor store, you won’t feel limited in any significant way. There will be a wide range of vodkas on the shelf that you can safely drink.
Ordering At Bars

When you buy your own vodka, it is easy for you to check the label. When you are at a bar or restaurant, however, you may not know what type of vodka a drink contains.

Thankfully, most bars are more than willing to provide their patrons with answers. They can tell you what kind of vodka a drink is typically made from. If it is a grain-based vodka, they can help you to find a gluten free alternative.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re dining out. Gluten intolerance is very common; most people are more than happy to help people find alternatives that work for them.

Is vodka gluten free? The answer to that question varies. Some vodkas are free of gluten, but others do contain this potentially harmful ingredient.

As long as you pay attention to the type of vodka that you are drinking, it should be easy for you to avoid issues. You can enjoy your drink safely.

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