Gluten Free Breakfast

Ever feel like if you have one more egg you might just sprout wings and fly? If you are one of the many people suffering from a gluten allergy or sensitivity then there is a good chance that eggs have made their way onto your breakfast plate way more times than you’d like to think about.

While those staples of morning meals are full of quality protein and fat, they can get boring. Adding other ingredients or preparing them in unique ways like in a quiche or frittata can help, but at the end of the day (or the start of it) those dishes are still mostly egg and that simply isn’t everyone’s cup of tea every morning.

If you find yourself on the verge of telling eggs to cluck off in the morning try these other gluten free breakfast alternatives:

  • Cereal: Many cereals such as Cheerios now have a gluten free option. Pour over some milk and you get protein with your carbs to keep you full longer
  • Fruit: Obviously, fruit is gluten free but balancing it with cottage cheese is a good way to get a balance of carbs and protein to start your day.
  • Hot Cereal: there are a variety of gluten free hot cereals on the market such as Bob’s Red Mill’s Creamy Brown Rice Farina but you can also make your own with recipes like these from Delicious Obsessions 50 Gluten Free Cereal Recipes. You can even incorporate an egg into your oatmeal alternative to get a heartier breakfast that includes egg that you won’t actually taste. Try this recipe here:
  • Gluten Free BreakfastBacon/Sausage: Not the healthiest option but definitely gluten free. Pair a small portion of these breakfast meats with a larger portion of hot cereal to keep you full without loading up exclusively on sodium laden bacon. NOTE: If you’re new to label reading, then make sure you look at any ground meat products to make sure there are no fillers that contain gluten.
  • Smoothies: Pack your smoothie with fruits, veggies and a protein powder for a balance meal you can eat on the go.
  • Chia Pudding: Overnight chia pudding makes for a great light dessert or nice cold breakfast cereal. Many recipes call for soaking chia overnight in milk and honey or maple syrup. You can adapt this to your personal diet by using a milk alternative or sugar-free sweetener. Pouring hot water over chia seeds and letting them sit a few minutes will also make a kind of hot cereal you can add butter and sugar to. This texture might not be for everyone though.

Flour Mixes for Pancakes and Baked Goods

If the above foods still don’t do it for you and you are simply craving all the yummy gluten based foods you love, then you’re in luck! There are a variety of products to keep you healthy and eating right on your gluten free diet regimen without risking the chance of growing feathers. Gluten free flour mix alternatives like Bisquick Gluten Free Pancake and Baking Mix have the convenience of a mix but also gives you the versatility of flour and the satisfaction of making your own food in the morning.

This adaptable blend can be used to make tons of fluffy pancakes or muffins for a sweet breakfast but can also be used for a variety of savory dishes like a ham and cheese bread bake or biscuits and gravy

This comes as a welcome alternative to buying several different flours to create your own gluten free mix at home which can be expensive and time consuming trying to get the right measurements. With Gluten Free Bisquick the right balance has already been formulated for gluten free cooking and baking. Pancakes can be ready in minutes or you can make a batch of muffins or bread to last through the week for those mornings when you don’t even have the time to heat a pan.

Pre-Made Gluten-Free Breakfast Bars/Cookies

Even easier still are pre-made bars and cookies such as Pamela’s Products Gluten Free Whenever Bars which come in a variety of flavors and can be a great quick breakfast or light dessert. Made of organic ingredients and including protein and fiber, these are even faster and more satisfying than stopping in a drive thru on the way to work. So, don’t settle for peeling that sad little piece of Canadian bacon and egg off a gluten filled English muffin you can’t eat, try a gluten-free breakfast bar instead!

Gluten-Free Egg Dishes That Are Actually Good

If you aren’t quite sick of eggs but need to jazz them up before you’ll dig in again, then there are a variety of dishes you can try that have egg as a supporting character instead of the star. International variations on omelets are often just different enough to make those nutritional powerhouses mouthwatering again. Try these:

Potato and Paprika Tortilla: Despite the name, a tortilla in this sense does not refer to crunchy chips you find sitting alongside a bowl of salsa. Instead, a tortilla in this sense refers to a thick Spanish omelette loaded with potatoes, onion and fresh herbs.

Shakshuka: There are many versions of this Israeli dish but the most popular consists of eggs gently poached in a spicy and fragrant tomato sauce.  Gluten free bread, fried potatoes and feta cheese are all options to bulk up this fiery sauce and creamy egg dish.

Healthy Egg and Chips: Eggs and fried potatoes are just simply meant to be together. Hearty and filling, this baked version includes mushrooms and can be baked in one pan.

Hash browns with Gruyère & pancetta: Nutty gruyere, exquisitely salty pancetta and crispy potatoes are held together by fluffy eggs in this class brunch dish.

Poached Eggs Over Garlic Amaranth: Explore the magic of amaranth, an ancient grain that is wonderfully gluten free and absolutely delicious with creamy butter, garlic, asparagus and a poached egg.

With so many wonderful products and naturally gluten free foods available you can stay healthy without getting bored or having to rely strictly on expensive baked goods and products with questionable ingredients. Get creative and incorporate other grains in your breakfast repertoire like amaranth, teff and rice which can also be used for hot cereal.  You may just find something you like even better than the white bread toast and muffins you were used to.